The P.E.A.R.L.S. Program

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Providing Empowerment & Acceptance through
Resources & Love for Single parents.

Program Levels Include:

Focus Pearl (Level III): The Focus Pearl level provides a foundational model for mentorship, accountability and sustainability for the single parent family. Single parents will learn how to create a clear vision for their lives, and the lives of their children, while walking through each step with the support, love and guidance of a Mentor Family. It is expected that by participating at the Focus Pearl level, single parent families receive the resources and support necessary for them to become fully self-sufficient and free of any type of government/county assistance.

Pearl of Hope (Level II): The Pearl of Hope level encourages single parent families to achieve economic independence and self-sufficiency by being the conduit between the single parent and appropriate supportive services necessary to achieve independence. This program is for a larger select group of single parents in which each participant is provided weekly services coordination alongside access to the broader service programs that are available to all single parents. At this level, we expect participants to gain stability in a couple of key domains (financial, support systems, mental, etc.) before moving in to Level III (Focus Pearl), where they will focus on more intensive and long-term goals.

Adopt-a-Pearl (Level I): At level I, single parent families are connected with a “sponsor family” and are encouraged to build a supportive, healthy, informal relationship. In the past, this has been Christmas-focused, but it will now serve as the entry level of the P.E.A.R.L.S. Program. Though “progress” will not be monitored, resources will be made available alongside the collection of data and information specific to their success in developing a relationship.

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