Pearl Kids Mentoring


One simple thing makes a big difference in the life of an at-risk child is one-on-one, positive attention from a responsible, caring adult. Using KIDS HOPE USA training, The Pearl Group provides children weekly contact with a mentor specifically chosen to meet that child’s needs while fostering a supportive relationship. The goal of the program is to provide each child at least one hour of one-on-one attention from a loving adult. The time can be spent for whatever purpose the child is most in need of, but we evaluate academic improvement, behavioral improvement and satisfaction of the mentor, the mentee and the mentee’s parent. In just one hour a week, mentors build up mentees with individualized attention and love while reading, talking, playing and listening to their stories. With this support, children are encouraged to learn, grow and succeed.

This year, The Pearl Group will be expanding its mentoring program to work with children through 8th grade.

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