What does The Pearl Group do?

The Pearl Group helps single parents work toward self-sufficiency by providing support and connecting them to community resources. We have programs ranging from kids mentoring to car care clinics, that provide safety checks and oil changes. Some emergency assistance is available, but the majority of our services are focused on skill building, independence and improving familial stability.

Who does The Pearl Group serve?

The Pearl Group provides service to single parents who have dependent children under the age of 18 living in their home. The single parent (or grandparent) may live alone or in a larger household.

What services are available through The Pearl Group?

The Pearl Group believes that in order to be effective, services must be tailored to meet the needs of each individual single parent family. To meet each unique need, The Pearl Group provides:

  • Kids mentoring through the “Pearl Kids Mentoring Program”
  • Single Parent mentoring, informal support building, goal setting, training, educational scholarships and support through the “P.E.A.R.L.S. Program”
  • Oil changes and safety checks through the Transportation Program’s monthly “Car Clinics”
  • Summer camp and college scholarships, for kids, through the “Above All” program

How does The Pearl Group screen clients for eligibility?

All single parents, and their children, are eligible to receive support from The Pearl Group. We request that applicants provide information to support their single parent status but understand that each situation is unique.

How does The Pearl Group track success?

Using a “Taxonomy of Outcomes,” The Pearl Group evaluates specific program-centered outputs, program-centered outcomes, participant-centered outcomes, organization-centered outcomes and community-centered outcomes, monitoring everything from the number of cars being repaired, to change in behavior and the grades of kids involved in the Pearl Kids Mentoring Program.

Specific to the levels within the P.E.A.R.L.S. Program, we have created an evaluation process developed through a unique combination of the Boulder County’s Self Sufficiency Index and concepts within Bridges Out of Poverty. The evaluation measures participants in 12 domains (resources) and are scored as thriving, stable, safe, vulnerable or being in crisis. This is unique in that The Pearl Group is comprehensive in the approach, yet it uses an established set of recognized criteria. Specific to The Pearl Group’s Taxonomy of Outcomes, these progresses support the effectiveness of the program in terms of improving upon skills, attitude and readiness, enriched behavior and enhanced status and economic condition.

Are there other local organizations serving single parent families? If so, how do you ensure there is no duplication in services?

Yes. Other community organizations provide services to single parent families, and The Pearl Group works to fill in missing pieces of the puzzle as determined by what individual families need. In addition, The Pearl Group is consistently in contact with local partners to communicate service areas, populations served and areas of need. This communication helps alleviate the chance of duplicating services while improving our stewardship of our donor resources.

What is The Pearl Group’s relationship with local faith communities?

The Pearl Group is a faith-based organization, branching out from LifeBridge Christian Church in 2012. With a focus on building relationships and resources, we work hard to build strong connections between The Pearl Group and local faith communities in an effort to build a stronger and more united community.

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, The Pearl Group’s employees, board members, volunteers and participants shall not discriminate against any person or persons on the basis of age, race, color, creed, national origin, ethnicity, gender, religious affiliation, political affiliation or disability.

What percentage of The Pearl Group’s revenue comes from public funding?

At this time, The Pearl Group does not receive public or government funding. All organization funding comes from private, individual and corporate donations alongside a small number of grants from local foundations.

What percentage of The Pearl Group’s raised funds go to client services?

For the 2014-2015 fiscal year, approximately 95% of all expenses were allocated to providing client services. The Pearl Group is serious about being a good steward of our resources and providing our clients with the most comprehensive services possible. We have a large and dedicated crew of volunteers and make significant efforts to keep overhead/administrative costs low.

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