A Basic Necessity

You don’t realize how vital your vehicle is until you can’t get to work, get the kids to school or get to the grocery store.  Because we understand, The Pearl Group works tirelessly to ensure the single parents we work with are driving safe and reliable vehicles.


Gloria is the single mom of one child.  She works 2 jobs, one of which is reliant on her ability to transport food to a catered event.  Because of a donor’s generosity, she no longer has to worry about her van being safe for her family and reliable for her job.



Gina is the single mom of 4 children.  She recently found herself without a vehicle after her van broke down and was too expensive to fix.  With Winter showing sneaking up quickly, Gina was unsure as to how she would be able continue walking her children to school and herself to work. Thanks to the generosity of a donor, Gina and her children, are safely getting from one place to another.


August 2014

After trying to find a job for 5 years, Jessica began working with The Pearl Group in her struggle to become self-sufficient.  Unfortunately, Jessica had never owned a vehicle and transportation continued to be a barrier in gaining employment.  Per the request of a generous donor, The Pearl Group gifted Gina her own vehicle and she was hired the following week.  Miracles happen everyday.


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