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We believe single parents are some of the world’s most courageous people. They consistently do more with less — less income, less help and less time — while raising the next generation of our community. The Pearl Group provides resources, support, inspiration and hope so that every single parent family in our community reaches its full potential. We offer targeted, unique programs and services, from basic needs like clothing and vehicle maintenance to self-sufficiency via education, coaching and vocational instruction.Single parent families are active participants in The Pearl Group programs, creating peer networks, attending training and working side-by-side with mentors to achieve their goals. Our community is engaged; from July 1st of 2014 to June 30th of 2015, more than 200 local volunteers provided more than 10,000 hours or $180,000 of “in-kind” service to the area’s single parent population, almost doubling the number of families the organization was able to impact. Last year alone, The Pearl Group served more than 150 single parent families.

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